Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Municipality to press for ban on plastic bags

11th August 2013

Municipality to press for ban on plastic bags

Sivakasi Municipality enforced a major eco-friendly move by banning the use of polythene carry bags in Sivakasi Town. The move to ban polythene carry bags was because they were found to be a major cause for blockage in drainage and water channels in the town. As polythene carry bags get dumped everywhere, the Sivakasi drainage system is getting affected and it is leading to mosquito breeding and also the soil loses fertility. Sivakasi Municipality initiate steps in such a way that cloth bags, paper bags and paper cups will gradually replace polythene carry bags in the interest of Sivakasians. To create awareness among the public, cloth bags being distributed to shops, by Sivakasi Municipality. The cloth bags kept hanging inside all the shops and Sivakasi Municipality Officials would also urge shopkeepers to use paper or cloth bags instead of Polythene Carry Bags. Sivakasi Municipality Officials conduct surprise raids in all shops in the town and massive awareness campaign would be undertaken to prevent use of polythene carry bags.


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